About Us

• REWIND Academy of Dance is committed to training and challenging each student. Our instructors are educated, experienced, and engaged during student instruction. The teachings and interactions at REWIND Academy of Dance are held to a standard above the rest. We are a faith-based organization and operate as such, both within and around our community. Dancers on all levels will be expected to behave with respect and reflect the values displayed within our studio.

• Out motto, "One Vision ... One Heartbeat", means just that.

• We are one team, one studio, and one family. Dancers are expected to encourage, support and assist one another. This will be the standard at REWIND Academy of Dance.

• The curriculum at REWIND Academy of Dance includes ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, acrobatics/tumbling, musical theater, and lyrical/contemporary.

• Private lessons are available. These must be coordinated and scheduled in advance. Additional fees will apply.

• Students will be evaluated in two groups: Performance and Competitive. Performance level students are those interested in taking dance on a recreational level. Performance level students will participate in the Performance Review held at the end of the dance season. Competitive level students are those committing their energy and talent to participating in all competitions, both regional and national, and representing REWIND Academy of Dance in accordance with the standards set forth in the Team Contract. Competitive level students will also perform in the Performance Review at the end of the season.